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Salvo by Pasta Fresca for the pasta lover in you

Salvo by Pasta Fresca for the pasta lover in you

The lush greenery of Singapore and the amalgamation of various cultures from all around Asia is inviting alright but with an empty stomach, it cannot be enjoyed to its fullest. Basically, nothing can be enjoyed with an empty stomach. And, especially if it is Pasta you won’t be able to resist it for the world. So, next time you hear Singapore you won’t be able to think about it without the fresh and delicious pasta served at Salvo by Pasta Fresca.

Culinary experts at Salvo make sure that your pasta tastes like heaven on earth. As you know, an Italian diet cannot be imagined without Pasta being in it. It’s the staple diet that is famous for its versatile nature and the feel-good hormones it secretes when it touches your taste palate. It is because there cannot be any more safer bet than this, after it there is no going back.

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Why this pasta restaurant is best?

At Salvo, fresh pasta is served with sauces of almost every kind. Because, of course, what is pasta without sauce but like a garden without flowers. Chefs there believe in the art of innovation without compromising authenticity and taste. There are various kinds of pasta available too at their behest. Be it short pasta like Rigatoni, Penne, Tri-Color Fusilli or Long ones like Capellini, Spaghetti, or Fettuccine without egg, you name it and they have it.

Also, depending on the kind of base you prefer like olive oil, cream, or tomato, almost everything is served to the best of its quality. Apart from this, do not forget to try while you are there the Chef’s recommended pasta. The best being the Salmon Aurora and Truffle Porcini. And, for those great hunger pangs of yours, you may order your pasta stuffed &sauteed with spinach, ricotta cheese, beef, prawns, mushrooms, etc. Anything you like, you will get it in pasta restaurant singapore all with a velvety finish that will melt on your tongue just like it is melting your heart.

It is true that there is no delight than having good food but also there is no delight than having traditional food. It is because it has the aroma of originality and nostalgia. And, at Salvo by Pasta Fresca you won’t regret it for a bit because the entire place breathes authenticity. So, have your pasta at their amazing restaurant or have it delivered, your wish. The quality is never ever compromised.