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Naturally Pink Salt: Perfect For Household And Restaurants Use

Naturally Pink Salt: Perfect For Household And Restaurants Use

Salt has been essential in households, restaurants, and chefs. With many brands of salts available in the market, which one is the best? The naturally pink murray river salt is creating a name in Australia, as one of the leading river salt suppliers.

Fresh mineralized brine

What makes pink salt one of the leading salt brands in Australia is being made from fresh mineralized brine. Its naturally made process makes it all organic. There are no added chemicals in the making, producing a healthy product, perfectly formulated for residential and commercial use.

A lot of restaurants and popular chefs in Australia are using this pink salt to add taste to their foods. Instead of using some other kinds of salt available, this freshly mineralized salt is most recommended.

The color and texture

The pale pink shade of the salt flakes brings an aesthetic look. Who can imagine a salt with color without added food color? Why does it has a pink shade? It is the result of the mineralized brines, which is high in the following minerals:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

The pink salt has a lesser degree of:


  • Potassium
  • Iodine

Naturally Pink Salt

Difference from ordinary salt

Aside from the pink color of the salt, it also has a very fragile and soft texture. Once it is added to the food, bringing it to a boil to blend the saltiness is not necessary. By adding directly to the food, it melts and blends easily, which is creating a superior texture to the dish.

With this salt, you can create a signature dish.

Why choose this salt?

It has three superior criteria to consider as the best among the bests salts in Australia, those are:

  • Highly mineralized
  • Pink salt
  • Delicate flavor

Yes, unlike any other salts available, this kind of salt has a delicate flavor. Since this salt comes from the river, it doesn’t have that strong saltiness. So, many restaurants and chefs are choosing pink river salt to freshly add to the served food on the table. Unlike the traditional sea salt, pink river salt creates a unique taste that would surprise your taste buds.

Boost next dish

Yes, many are using pink river salt to boost their next dish. Instead of adding salt to the dish while cooking or preparing, try something different. Why not add the pink salt to the food when prepared on the table? There is no need for a boiling process to blend the salty taste on the food.

You may add taste directly to the food when served on the table. In fact, a lot of chefs and restaurants are adding pink salt to the food as the last or final touch on the food – ready to serve on the table.