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Buying Live Lobsters Hong Kong Made Easier Than Ever Before

Buying Live Lobsters Hong Kong Made Easier Than Ever Before

One of the most popular food categories people love is Seafood for all the right reasons. Seafood has its distinctive taste to offer. Either you love or hate it, there is nothing in between.  If you are a fan of seafood, you might be crazy after prawns and lobsters. Shopping for these can be intimidating but not if you have the proper knowledge about them.

Shopping for seafood has never been easier as you have online seafood stores at your disposal that can offer you almost everything you need. Shopping online is super convenient that can take place from anywhere.

Buying seafood

There are plenty of online stores to consider when you decide to buy live lobsters Hong Kong. But not every store has the same quality to offer. It may vary depending on many factors. You don’t want to go wrong with your initial experience of buying live prawns and lobsters, do you?

To ensure you get only the best quality seafood, visit Seafood Friday. It is better than other online stores concerning to the following things:

  • Accessibility

The store remains open 24/7, so you can order anytime. No matter when you are in the mood to have a home-cooked Seafood dish, you can order it instantaneously.

prawn Hong Kong

  • Direct from the source

The website is for Seafood lovers, and all the Seafood items are sourced from Seafood lovers. The products come fresh from the fishermen.

  • Variety

The store offers a broad range of fresh, sustainable, and frozen Seafood. You will find various fish, shrimps, lobsters, crabs, clams, oysters, and whatnot.

  • Affordability

You couldn’t be more wrong if you think fish or Seafood, in general, is expensive. It only means you haven’t been to Seafood Friday’s website yet. You can browse through the catalog to learn about the prices.

  • Delivery service

If you are placing your order for live lobsters or prawn Hong Kong, you would not want to wait for a long time unnecessarily. The store ensures that you deliver fresh Seafood promptly to your doorstep. You can also select the pickup time as per your convenience.

  • Solution for the fishy smell

Although you love Seafood, no one wants to get the fridge filled with fish smell. This problem is also solved with the products’ best quality and fridge-friendly packaging.

If you are having guests over at your place or having a small gathering of friends and family, try the live prawns and lobsters from Seafood Friday to let your guests experience the best dinner they have ever had.