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Tips To Properly Store Your Liquor and Spirits At Home

Liquor and Spirits

So you are planning to shop for different bottles of liquor online. It is best to have a couple of your favorites ready especially if you have frequent visitors coming over. There are plenty to choose from at https://spiritsoffrance.com.au/. However, do you know how to properly store them? Before you add items to your cart, it is very important that you first learn the proper way of storing liquor at home.

It’s a misconception for many people that liquor lasts forever. Of course, some types will stay good and become better as they age, but others do have a shelf life. So if you want to keep your spirits spirited longer, take a look at these tips.

The Right Temperature

Whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, and tequila should all be kept at room temperature. According to experts, the most ideal temperature is between 55 to 60 degrees. Remember that keeping them cool makes them last longer and will easily spoil them otherwise. That is because as the temperature goes up, alcohol expands and evaporates more quickly. This means that when kept in warm storage, this can speed up the process of oxidation which greatly affects the taste of liquor over time.

When To Freeze Alcohol

No spirits need to be frozen but sometimes, it’s a matter of preference especially when it comes to lighter liquors since the alcohol won’t freeze. If freezing is not for you, know that gin and vodka are better served chilled. So you can opt to keep them in the freezer about an hour before serving.

Liquor and Spirits At Home

Keep it Away From Sunlight

As mentioned, the warm temperature turns liquor bad over time. So make sure the bottles on your bar cart are not in direct sunlight. The UV rays don’t ruin whiskey, they can speed up the oxidation process. If you leave your bottle of liquor for days in the sun the taste and color will change quickly.

Storing Liquors

Your wine bottles can be stored on their sides. However, when it comes to liquor, you have to keep them standing. That is because by storing whiskey on its side instead of standing it up, the cork can mix with the whiskey and possibly leak into it. This will also dilute the high alcohol content and will shorten the whiskey’s shelf life.

There’s always that one bottle of liquor that’s been hiding in the back of the fridge or a dark cupboard for so long that you can’t even remember when you got it. So to make sure that your liquor and spirits are still safe to drink, learn how to properly store them using the tips mentioned above. There is no doubt that you will enjoy it up to the last drop.