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Types of Kitchen in Indonesia

Types of Kitchen in Indonesia

Have you heard of dapur bersama? Or a commissary kitchen? If you’re not around Indonesia, you will miss the meaning of this thing. Still, lucky you because we are here to discuss everything about the shared kitchen. See more details and information here in this post for more.

We bet you don’t want to miss each type because it might be helpful in your kitchen as well! Please share this article with a friend or a co-business owner, as they can also put it in place. Scroll down now for more details.

Overview of the Types of Kitchen

There are various types of shared kitchens in every culture. Each of these types suits the best behavior that any consumer in the country might have. We’re not going to discuss everything about them, but here are a few:

Shared Kitchen Space

First on the list is the shared kitchen space. In a usual way, it gets operated by employees and operational management. This part includes preparing and handling the cooking process. Also, the ordering orders, raw materials, and more. With a shared kitchen, online culinary businesses or brands do not need to hire new staff.

commissary kitchen

This type of kitchen is best for businesses where the cooking process happens. Or, for instance, they have a central kitchen where they can store all raw materials. In this process, they can also generate food components. It gets done right before delivering or cooking them to customers.

The Cloud Kitchen

In general, shared kitchens are all in a specific location. All gets handled by the operator. But, the twist is there is a separate kitchen based on the brand of cooking. So, in short, this kitchen type is best for starting businesses. Or for those owners who would like to expand their connections more.

Online Restaurant

This feature may not be new to you. As the name suggests, an online restaurant has a kitchen that serves customers online. These kitchens do not have any food service other than their products. You can call them a small business in a matter of sense.

So, if you think that your business can work great to servicing people online, this is a good spot. It would be best for owners who have loyal customers. It is also suitable for brands with a physical outlet yet want to extend their delivery services.

That’s all we can give you for today, folks! We hope you learn something from us here.